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Gifts and threads is an upcoming e-commerce company. Since its in the new days of inception, it has a great zeal to capture its stake in the market. Making an Affiliate is one of its attempt to enhance its presence among the online buyers. Moreover, earlier you stick to the growing company, better are the chances to reach the highs as you grow when the company grows.

Who can become an AFFILIATE

Anybody who wants to utilize its marketing skills, either full time or part time can become a part of Affiliate Program of giftsandthreads.com. If you are working somewhere else and have some hours of the day which you want to utilize in earning something extra, this is the platform for you. Those who want to utilize their marketing skills to the full capacity, this is the platform which does not have any upper end to the earnings which you may get being associated with our affiliate program.
how its works

How it works

Its very easy to start earning from day one, you just need to follow the following steps:
  • Registration: Follow some simple steps by uploading your ID proof and Pan Card. Also fill up form giving your name, contact details including your mobile number and email id. Pay a Registration fee of Rs. 2000/- through either UPI, Gpay or credit card/debit card.
  • Once Registration is complete, we will send you a confirmation mail with a unique Coupon Code. This coupon code will be used by your customer while making purchase from giftsandthreads.com and he or she will get discount depending upon product to product. While the customer will use code assigned to you, it will help us to track the volume of sale influenced by you.
  • On successful purchase by customers influenced by you, we will be crediting points in your account. On first purchase done by customer influenced by you, we will credit 50 points in your account, irrespective of the amount of purchase done by the customer, further on every purchase consecutive purchase of Rs. 100/- done by same customer, we will be crediting 2 token points in your account. Higher the sales, higher the amount of token you will earn. Let us clear this with an example
Customer Amount of purchase Coins Credited in your account
Mr. X First Purchase of Rs. 500/- 50+10 =60 coins
Subsequent Purchase of Rs. 250/- 4 coins
Mr. Y First purchase of 350/- 50+4 = 54 coins
Note: 2 coins will be earned only when amount of purchase crosses cumulative in the multiples of 100/-. Neither rounding off will be done nor purchase of different customers will be aggregated together.

How to Redeem

You can redeem your coins as and when you are willing to. To redeem the coins, you will be having two options:
  • You will be able to do a shopping from our site and the amount equivalent to your coins will be deducted from your bill amount. For example, your cart value is Rs. 2150/- and you have collected 2000 coins, you need to pay only Rs. 150/- while making a purchase of Rs. 2150/-. In case your purchase is less then value of coins in your wallet, you can utilize the amount equivalent to your coins and balance will remain safe in your wallet. For example you made a purchase of Rs. 1500/- and there are 2000 coins in your wallet, you can redeem 1500 coins and 500 coins will remain balance in your wallet.
  • You can redeem 50% of your coin value into cash. For this, you will have to submit a request mentioning how many coins you want to redeem. You can redeem full or part of coins present in your wallet. You can redeem the coins subject to maximum of 2 times in a month. The amount shall be credited only in your account after deduction of TDS. No hard cash will be paid in any circumstances.

Terms and Conditions:

That you are opting to become an affiliate to promote our products in the market at your own will and without any influence of any other person or organization

That you agree to pay the registration fee as mentioned in the affiliate program by the company and you totally understand that this registration fee is non-refundable under any circumstances.

That you undertake and confirm that the details filled by you in registration form are correct and nothing has been concealed therein.

That you have understood the procedure of redemption of coins collected by you by influencing other persons to buy products from out site. That you have also understood and have agreed that under no circumstances the payout will be made in cash.

That you have understood that either you will be able to use the collected coins by making purchase of equivalent amount from the site or half the value of coins will be credited in your bank account, whatever option you choose.

That you will never do negative marketing for company or will never associate the company with any product which is not under portfolio of the company or any illegal products, sale of which is banned in India.

That the incentive payout, if its redeemed against credit in the bank account can happen only maximum of 2 times in a month. Under no circumstances the maximum number of payouts will be increased. 

That you will not do bogus account creation just to increase the initial bonus coins in your account. If such an activity is deducted, your entire payout can be forfeited. The final decision on forfeiting any amount shall lye with the company authorities only.

That any expense incurred by you for promoting the products of the company or the website itself in any manner, shall not be reimbursed by the company.

That incentive structure is subject to the change and if it happens, the company will inform you at least 15 days prior to the change.

Disputes, if any, shall be subject to the jurisdiction of Chandigarh only.


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